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It was late, and my wife Annie had some good news about a client and was in cucumbertube no mood to celebrate. Champagne flowed as she and I and our friends Elena and Danny sat chatting happily. A As I ran the dark, waved the hot tub - the water vapor floating in the glare of the bright blue underwater lighting. The four of us have often sat in the hot tub, usually naked, and always had drinks at your fingertips. Hot water and the atmosphere appeared to increase the impact of alcohol and he was playing, usually much more touching and probing of the fingers below the bubbles. was Annie, who began to undress. The champagne was weaving his magic on her and she was flirting with all of us. Ellen seemed unusually reluctant to join us and had advised his reasons, he joined Danny, Annie and I in the warm blue bubbles, while Ellen sat nearby. lights appeared in the driveway and another friend, Tom appeared, carrying a couple of beers. He had seen the car and thought it would be Danny HAVMr. drinks only Friday night game. I needed some help, and soon had his clothes and got into the spa. Annie was really tinkering and pretended to be a shark dive to ' chew' cocks down guys. They're laughing and had three kids humming the theme from ' Jaws' and joked about the worst ' shark bite,' he had. Then Annie was sitting between them, and I realized it was cat slowly under the bubbles, still laughing about the sharks. Suddenly, we heard the boys laughing and fell silent, loving handiwork. This was a big change from the usual four easy to exchange. Detection of this conversation was over, Ellen had retired within the rest of us at the mercy of hot bubbles seductive. Two horny guys watching me and my wife. It was a fantasy of mine that I never thought would happen, and here it was happening in front cucumbertube of me. was exciting to see seriously, as the laughter subsided and gave way to an orientationeRate silence as Danny and Tom fell in erotic pleasure - head back, closed his eyes, Danny and Tom stroking Annie 's chest may appear that the hand between her legs. Annie saw me sitting alone on the other side of the tub. Then he turned to the guys face and began to cat back. I sat forward and reached around to fondle her breasts. After a few moments, let go of cocks and swam back to me, cucumbertube her head on my shoulder. When she did, she spread her legs and cucumbertube teasing their cocks with their feet. Danny and Tom ran his cucumbertube hands slowly down her legs and started fingering her two, the two holes I suspected. cucumbertube I watched as her hips rose and fell and rolled in the response. He was obviously really enjoying the attention. She kissed my ear and told him how beautiful and sexy she was and how much he loved her. After a few minutes of this Annie rolled toward me and planted her feet on the floor of the bathroom, but she was in the air, breaking the water only at pussy. I had noticed that Annie got a kick out of that pussy for their children. This time it was an unintentional invitation to the boys who like an obligation, first with fingers then with his tongue. was impossible to stop here. We were all on a runaway train, and would not stop until they reach something with a big bang. Tom and Danny saw me frequently for signs to guide them. I smiled back, to do whatever they wanted. Tom got up first. He was angry tail and pulled him up and down her slit and stayed at the two entrances to the probe gently and products. As he pushed her pussy, Annie returned to him, ready to go. Tom glanced at me as I seek my permission and I nodded automatically. The SPA is a great place to cool off, but I find it hard to fuck, and washing the cucumbertube juices lubricating oil. Annie 's face was cheek to cheek with me and cat while I cucumbertube was leaning with the otherhis hand. Then he let his cock and reached between her legs. Iâ € ™ m not sure if she spread her lips and guided Tom, but then ran into each other and both gasped with pleasure takes € ™ s cock sank into it. She moaned even pleasure as Tom hugged him. Annie pressed her mouth on mine and madly sucked on my tongue, pulling back his hand on my cock. His body resisted and kicked him arching his back to meet the urgent crisis takes € ™ s. In a matter of minutes, he threw back his head and clenched his teeth and kept Anniee € ™ s hips grinding his cock firmly. Annie is still room for him milking his cock with her pussy and she growled, hissed in my cucumbertube mouth. Takes € ™ s cock fell limp immediately and Danny pushed into position. Being greatest was with difficulty until silky entry. Feeling Annie lifted one leg to the side to set foot in the spa seat up the top floor and pussy wide open. No problem over time. Danny €™ s thick cock slid in a straight line takes oil € ™ s cum oozing. Annie almost tore my tongue, as Danny hammered over and over. Once more he came to his crotch, stroking his throbbing cock cucumbertube on this occasion, as he pressed into her pussy hungry. The cucumbertube N cum Tom took longer than my time to sit on the edge of the spa before Annie. She immediately swallowed my cock and wasnâ € ™ t long before Danny and I growl and hiss as they both dumped cucumbertube their lifting, twisting the body. A despite our easy exchange and hand occasionally the head and jobs in the past as well as some money market funds, this was Anniee € ™ first gang -bang, but a small group, and was obvious that she loved. After everyone left, I crawled into the bedroom and took me to exhaustion. The next three nights did the same. A blazing fire was kindled in him and burned for some time. cucumbertube
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